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Tamara took me from decent writer to a confident brand storyteller. Learning her methods to effectively grab your reader’s attention from the beginning and move them through your story to the satisfying end gave me the courage to pursue freelance work while completing my degree at UT Austin. Since, I have successfully gained media coverage for a local nonprofit and small business because of the skillset Tamara has given me.

I would be nowhere near where I am today without the guidance of this phenomenal professional!
emily axford
Former PR student & UT grad
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Hey, I’m Tamara.

I’m a storyteller and lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin.

In my day job, I teach students in the Moody College of Communication at UT how to write for Public Relations. Which got me thinking: If I can teach 20-year-olds how to write to get their dream job, I can teach entrepreneurs how to write to kick-start their kick-ass brands. 

You are the creators, makers, experts in your fields, who love talking about your business. But everyone can use a little help in creating stories in a way that others, potential customers and the media, will take notice. So, if you’re frustrated that your outreach to journalists isn’t landing you an interview with your favorite publication or you’re not connecting in a deep, emotional way with your ideal client, customer or fan, then this is the place for you. 

Through my trainings and workshops, you’ll learn how to build those foundational relationships that will lift you to the next level, even if you have no writing experience at all. 

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