For years I jotted down quotes from books, movies, lyrics, friends, and social media sites on sticky notes and scratch paper. Then, in cleaning frenzies, I tossed them out with the year-old magazines and even older mascara.

This had me like …

I could have kept quotes on my computer. Especially since I’m someone who keeps everything on my computer (backed up, of course, after one-too-many hard drives went haywire!). But there’s just something about writing your favorite quotes by hand. That tactile sensation of pen and paper. And since I rarely hand write anything anymore, the act of writing makes those strings of words more memorable.


That’s when I repurposed a blank journal as my quote collector. And it worked fine until the Sunday following my Dad’s funeral in June 2016. I was reading my favorite newsletter, Brain Pickings, and a quote leapt out at me that I had to add to my journal. As I was writing, I noticed in my previous entries that I hadn’t included where I found the quotes.

Surely, there was a journal I could buy that would prompt me to include not only attribution but where I found it and why it speaks to me?

One hour of Google searches, and the idea for this journal was born. Before I even finished the thought of what to name it, “The Quote Keeper” popped into my head. And with that title, I knew, down in my bones, that my Dad would be beside me every step in this creative process.


To say this book was a labor of love would be an understatement. But what does that mean for you?

I feel your aggravation, irritation, and frustration with not having your quotes where you need them when you want them.

“The Quote Keeper” wipes that “Aargh!” from your lips faster than it takes to post a status update. This journal is your one-stop solution to post-it hell – with a bonus.

There’s a reason why you frantically search for scratch paper to write down a quote from your current reading. Or bookmark a webpage with a funny meme. Or replay that scene in your favorite movie.

The words speak to you. And this journal gives you a place to reflect on why.


Transformers. Sleeper sofas. Wearable technology.

This journal, too, has a dual purpose. Sixty-five uniquely illustrated posters with white space encourage you to add quotes that inspire, motivate, celebrate, and more. In these pages, you can collect your favorite quotes, so they are where you need them when you want them

What you do with these quotes is the journal’s other purpose. Each poster has three prompts, including who said the quote and where you read or heard it. Using your quotes as a starting point, the third prompt invites you to connect with your inner self — to gain a deeper understanding of who you are — by answering the question of why the quote is meaningful to you.

Beyond the dual purpose, other uses for this journal include:

Give as a gift to that special person who loves quotes as much as you do.

Fill it with quotes from your online or in-person Book Club readings.

Take this journal to your next family gathering. Ask everyone to fill out a quote poster and prompts. It’ll make for a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Ask friends, co-workers, or classmates to fill out a poster with their favorite quote. Then present it as a special gift at birthdays, graduations, or other celebrations.

Include quotes from your partner, your pals, your sister, that crazy uncle on your mom’s side. This journal isn’t just for famous quotes.


Take a page from my 11-year-old niece, Emma. Here’s a recent text message between Emma and her mom (my sister, Polly):

And from a couple of people who aren’t related to me.


“The Quote Keeper: A Journal for Collecting & Reflecting On Your Favorite Quotes”

“The Quote Keeper for Left-Handers: A Journal for Collecting & Reflecting On Your Favorite Quotes”

I hope this journal is not only your space for collecting favorite quotes, but for you to relive old — and create new — memories.