And I am obsessed with words.

I’ve been known to spend hours playing with nouns and verbs and adjectives, puzzling out the perfect combination to reveal my thoughts or ideas or moods. Whether writing or speaking, I respect the power — the magic — of a well-placed word.

And it is this sentiment that has guided almost every life decision I’ve made. In every degree and career I’ve pursued, words have been my tool of choice.

I have a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in journalism. My past lives include being a newspaper reporter, chief of staff and press secretary for Texas legislators, public relations strategist, podcast host, and founder and editor in chief of a nonprofit online news site for millennials.

Today, I’m the author of “The Quote Keeper” and “The Quote Keeper for Left-Handers,” both published by my company, Two Bells Media. I’m also a lecturer in both the Journalism School and the Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations at The University of Texas at Austin. And every second weekend in March, you can find me blogging for the SXSW Pitch startup competition.

When not discussing movies with my son, Jackson, I’m most likely jotting down quotes from my favorite books, drinking kegs of coffee, and laughing — a lot.