Grab a drink. Settle in. Let’s get our quote on.

Do you quotes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? How many quote posters have you pinned on Pinterest? Are you that person who has the perfect quote for every occasion?

Yes? YAY! You’re among kindred spirits.

I’m Tamara Bell, and, like you, I’m cuckoo for quotes. I believe quotes leave an indelible imprint in our minds and on our hearts. They connect us as human beings across generations and social backgrounds. There’s no experience, no feeling or reflection, that can’t benefit from a well-timed quote.

This sentiment led me to create “The Quote Keeper” and “The Quote Keeper for Left-Handers” (for my Mom ), journals specifically for collecting and reflecting on your favorite quotes.

And a funny thing’s been happening as I’ve talked to people about the journal. There are a FREAKING lot of us who love quotes! But even better, people want to share their favorite quotes and how they never fail to make them laugh or lift their spirit or move them to ponder the mysteries of our universe.

This website is a place for you to be like Madonna and express yourself. Write about your favorite quotes. Find new ones that speak to your soul. It’s a place for you to learn about the benefits of keeping a journal and how you can start one. Or, if you need encouragement to continue journaling, I’ve got your back.

So, hang out your “Shh! It’s me time” sign and ENJOY!



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The Quote Keeper Series

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